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The Iran Aluminum Industry Will Produce About 240 Thousand Tons Of Alumina In 2017
Dec 04, 2017

The Iran aluminum industry will produce about 240 thousand tons of alumina in 2017


2017-11-30 Iran Aluminum Inc is the only alumina producer in Iran. The annual capacity of alumina is 240 thousand tons. They plan to produce about 240 thousand tons of alumina in 2017, which is flat compared with 2016, a company source said.

The people said they intend to improve the quality of bauxite to increase production and capacity in 2018 to 280 thousand tons. "We are using the local low grade three oxidizing two aluminum content 45%min silica 12%max bauxite," the person said. They plan to import high grade diaspore bauxite.

The monthly bauxite consumption of the company is about 90 thousand tons, and will rise to about 100 thousand tons next year.

They have 4 production lines, and each production line has an annual capacity of 60 thousand tons.

At present, they are mainly selling alumina in China, and their own aluminum smelters with a capacity of 120 thousand tons per year are under construction and are expected to be put into production in 4 phases. Among them, the 1 phase of the annual production capacity of 30 thousand tons is put into production in 2019, and the 2 is in 2020.

Sources also revealed that the annual smelting capacity of Iran aluminum is 400 thousand tons, which consumes about 800 thousand tons of alumina per year, so Iran imports about 600 thousand tons of alumina annually.

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