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The Fastest Amphibious Armored Vehicle
Nov 27, 2017

Aluminum: Achievement China Global

The fastest amphibious armored vehicle

According to the British "Daily Mail" website (June 9, 2017) and China "Reference News" reported on June 11, 2017, Chinese is developing the world's fastest amphibious armored vehicle, is made of light material, what is the use of lightweight materials, it did not say, but with nothing more than the existing four kinds of commonly used lightweight materials (aluminum. Magnesium, titanium and composite materials), from the current situation, Aluminum Alloy is the preferred material for manufacturing of amphibious armored vehicles, because it has the best price, amphibious armored vehicles both in the land run, and in the midst of the rivers and lakes, must have strong corrosion resistance for various kinds of water, at the same time in order to meet the structural performance, also should be as low as possible to reduce the quality of the density, net car, so be sure to say, it is a boat shaped shell with 5XXX Aluminum Alloy plate welding And its armor plate is also made of aluminum alloy thick plate.

The 5 wheeled amphibious armored vehicle developed in China has the highest speed of 50km/h in calm water, far ahead of the 9.7km/h speed of the fastest amphibious armored vehicle in the United States, which is about 4.2 times faster than the latter, and is in the leading position in the world.

The amphibious armored vehicle was developed by Beijing North China Vehicle Research Institute, made by China Northern Industrial corporation. The car body is V shaped, which can significantly reduce the flow resistance, and also help to resist the attack of improvised explosive devices. Its wheels are retractable, with a small water jet propulsion device beside the wheel, which can help the vehicle, reach its destination faster and maintain its maximum speed.

The car is not in an armored or not carrying weapons, its weight is only 5.5 tons, which is the exquisite design and Aluminum Alloy material contribution, "China defense blog" reported: "even the installation of the production version of armor and carrying full-size weapons, amphibious speed may still be it to 18km/h, 28km/h."

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