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The Civil Aviation Industry Has Entered A Period Of Rapid Development And Aviation Parts Manufacturing Has Leapt To A New Level
Aug 28, 2017

The civil aviation industry has entered a period of rapid development and aviation parts manufacturing has leapt to a new level

In recent years, China's civil aviation industry has entered a rapid development period, significantly enhance the level of scientific research and production, key technology research has made important progress. Under this background, the aviation parts manufacturing industry with a new step, the basic establishment of independent industrial system, has made remarkable achievements.

Development status of aviation parts manufacturing industry

After 60 years of hard pioneer, China's aviation parts manufacturing industry has made great progress, to further strengthen the infrastructure construction, scientific research, new achievements, science and technology and international cooperation continues to deepen, as civil military integration of the industrial structure is gradually formed.

Quickly improve the level of scientific research, but also to promote aviation parts manufacturing industry and gradually improve the system. At present, the aviation industry chain basic parts manufacturing, can be divided into body parts, power systems, avionics and other supporting parts, coordinated development effect is increasingly apparent.

Industry chain analysis of aviation parts manufacturing industry

Distribution in the region, because of the aviation equipment manufacturing industry has the characteristics of obvious pull in domestic aviation parts manufacturing industry, the overall layout and manufacturing have great similarity, the distribution is still the main aviation industry layout is dominant, mainly distributed in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Shanghai and the northeast region.

In addition, with the domestic aviation equipment manufacturing industry production level, many domestic large enterprises have entered the National Aviation subcontract production supply chain, international aviation giants subcontract the production of aircraft parts. Because of the technology gap, in avionics and power systems, domestic manufacturing enterprise is still mainly concentrated in instrumentation, sensors and other components.

It is worth noting that, although China's aviation market is developing rapidly, but the aviation parts system is not complete, the technical level is relatively backward; basic research is weak, lack of technical reserves; engine, key materials and components are still the bottleneck of the development of China's civil aviation industry. In addition, also face rising raw material prices, the application of hard processing materials is increasing, and limited production capacity.

Development trend of aviation parts manufacturing industry

At present, the development of aviation industry has been highly valued and widely concerned, key direction of the national aviation equipment has been included in the strategic emerging industries, is the implementation of large aircraft major projects, will promote China's aviation industry to achieve rapid development. At the same time, the modernization of national defense construction provides a broad market space for the development of civil aviation industry, especially the airspace management reform and the opening of the low altitude airspace to accelerate the pace of development for general aircraft has brought new market opportunities.

Therefore, with the airline orders picked up, aviation parts total industrial output value of the rapid growth. According to statistics, in 2015, the aviation parts industry total industrial output value of about 13 billion 787 million yuan, an increase of 14.89%; in 2016, the industry total industrial output value of about 15 billion 152 million yuan, an increase of 9.96%, growth momentum is not reduced. It is expected that in 2022, I China civil aviation aircraft parts manufacturing industry total industrial output value will reach 26 billion 900 million yuan.

In addition, the cost will be the future development of an important consideration. In the past few decades, airlines have paid little attention to the cost, because the flight safety is the priority among priorities must be ensured at all costs. But as the origin of globalization and the sharp growth of cheap air travel, regardless of the cost of the end of the era. The aviation industry is gradually realized, although the flight safety is the most important factor, but also should be affordable to lower cost to achieve.

This has brought great pressure to the pricing of aircraft manufacturers and parts suppliers, they are eager to learn from other industries (especially in the automotive industry) experience, the biggest challenge is the low cost and the Asian manufacturers to compete. To achieve this goal, for parts manufacturers is a challenge, as in materials Aluminum Alloy, to use light instead of the traditional structure.

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