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The Application Of Aluminum In Architecture
Nov 27, 2017

The application of aluminum in architecture


Aluminum, as an element periodic table of NO.13, has been widely used in various fields. In safety product design, aluminum is a very high-quality raw material, because it is very light, corrosion-resistant, easy to process, precisely because of these characteristics make aluminum products with lightweight and long time corrosion resistance advantages.

In the building environment, its application is stronger: whether it is made of anodic alumina coil, or as the external material of the pre roller coating aluminum material, is applied to the roof and interior decoration of the best choice. Its special advantage provides a broad market space for it.

Advantages of anodic aluminum oxide coil:

The strong metal texture, decorative surface;

The process is stable, consistent color and luster;

The strength of high hardness (anodized hardness than the glass), good flatness, easy processing;

The characteristics of antioxidation, corrosion resistance, anti ultraviolet, strong weatherability, color powder peeling, durable;

The heat resistance, high fire rating (after anodic oxidation treatment can greatly improve the melting point of 2000 DEG C, &gt)

The abrasion resistance is high, up to 250 - 500 kg / mm2;

"Good insulation, high breakdown voltage up to 2000V;

The self-cleaning surface is high, not easy to fouling, low cost of maintenance and cleaning;

Those belonging to the environmental protection products, not production, processing and installation of the air and cause harm to human body;

The high recycling rate of anodized aluminum can be recycled, will not affect the recovery of anodic oxide film.

Domestic application examples:

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange: application of interior and exterior, 3.0mm&1.0mm anodized aluminum coil

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