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Southwest Aluminum High-strength And High-toughness 7050 Aluminum Alloy Thick Plate Approved By Airworthiness
Mar 19, 2018

Recently,Southwest Aluminum 7050 aluminum alloy thick plate passed the airworthiness appraisal of China Civil Aviation Certification Center for Airworthiness and successfully entered the supplier directory of China Commercial Aircraft to solve the urgent needs of key materials for major national projects and to promote the development of China's aerospace and defense industry. Major contributions.

7050 aluminum alloy thick plate belongs to the third generation of advanced aluminum alloy in the world. Because of its characteristics of high strength, high toughness, fatigue resistance and damage resistance, it is an indispensable key material for various critical structural parts in the aerospace field. Its pre-stretched thickness The plate product has the prominent feature of being able to remain flat and not deformed after being asymmetrically processed, and is an aluminum alloy material with a wide range of applications and a large number of applications in the aerospace field.

7050 aluminum alloy thick plate has high technological value and high added value. The industrialized countries such as USA and Europe have always used this product's key process parameter control point, control principle and industrial manufacturing technology as a key technical secret to strictly block foreign trade, resulting in China 7050. Aluminum alloy plates rely on imports for a long time. During the “10th Five-Year Plan” period, due to the fact that China has not yet mastered related technologies, it has severely restricted the research and development of major model airplanes such as domestic large aircrafts.

Under the support of the national model project,  Southwest Aluminum, Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute, Central South University and other units formed a joint research and development team for production, research, and research. They are brave enough to explore, after nearly 10 years of research. The development and specialization research has broken through a series of key technologies such as preparation of large-size ingots, strong deformation rolling, strengthening and toughening heat treatment, residual stress control, and uniformity of performance control, and developed a full-thickness range of 7050 aluminum alloy pre-stretching. Super thick plates form a stable quality industrial manufacturing technology.

Southwest Alumina is the first company in China to fully master the 7050 aluminum alloy plate production technology. It has formed a batch production capacity and achieved scale application in several key models projects in the domestic aerospace and other fields. It has completely broken the Western countries for a long time. The embargo on key materials in China and the blockade of key manufacturing technologies have also made China's relevant manufacturing technology levels advanced to the international level.

Chinalco Southwest Aluminum 7050 Aluminum Alloy Heavy Plate passed the airworthiness appraisal of China Civil Aviation Aviation Certification Center, and successfully entered the supplier directory of China Commercial Aircraft, achieving the supply of multiple types of engineering to aerospace and other fields, which will effectively boost China's large scale Civil aircraft and other areas of development.

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