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Southwest Aluminum Forging Passed The Airworthiness Inspection Of East China Civil Aviation Bureau
May 28, 2018

From July 15th to July 16th, the Airworthiness Certification Center of East China Civil Aviation Administration, together with the inspection team formed by China COMAC Shanghai Aircraft Planning and Research Institute and Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., judged the quality system of SW Aluminum forging production, and determined the aluminum alloy. Forging production site conducted airworthiness inspections.

On the morning of July 15th, at the first meeting held by the Aluminum City Hotel, the deputy general manager of Southwest Aluminum Li Yong and the Technical Quality Department, the casting factory, the forging factory, the power meter control center, the technical center and other relevant units responsible persons and operators The inspection team was specifically introduced to the process of R&D of forging production, and made a statement on the status of the production process, process and quality system. Subsequently, the inspection team examined the forging records, operating documents, etc., and conducted airworthiness inspections on the forging production site.

At the concluding meeting on July 16, the inspection team fully affirmed the operation and maintenance of Southwest Aluminum forgings, and hoped that Southwest China will further strengthen its technical innovation, defeat the difficulties encountered, continuously optimize the allocation of resources, and promote aviation. The R&D and production of data have made new and greater contributions to China's aviation industry.

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