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Rolls-Royce Eighth Generation Phantom Released Using Full Aluminum Frame
Jul 28, 2017

Rolls-Royce eighth generation phantom released using full aluminum frame

Since the introduction of Rolls-Royce mirage in 1925, sir Henry Royce (Henry), it has been named the best car in the world". Now, the best car is coming again". In July 28, 2017, the eighth generation of phantoms was officially released in britain. Netcom official learned from Rolls-Royce official, the new car using a new aluminum "luxury architecture" to build, compared with the cash model, rigidity has improved. It is expected that at the opening of the Frankfurt auto show in September, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the charm of this new car at close range.


The new aluminum "luxury architecture" to build

The new Rolls-Royce phantom with a new aluminum material design luxury architecture ", the future of this revolutionary exclusive architecture will be used in the Cullinan project, the next generation of ancient Stewart, the phantom of the opera, Yao shadow and the future of personalized body customization projects. It also means that Rolls-Royce has since abandoned the single frame that is widely used by mass car manufacturers. Rolls-Royce firmly believes that the future of pure luxury must be truly small-scale manufacturing based on the exclusive luxury architecture.


Another highlight of the new Rolls-Royce mirage is the manufacture of super aluminum with a wide, seamless surface, and a streamlined bumper line around the rear lights. Unlike the obvious fold in the front of the mirage luggage compartment, the new Rolls-Royce mirage's luggage compartment will extend to the end, with the jewel like headlights next to the famous double R logo. In addition, the new Rolls-Royce mirage has enabled the largest size to date - a 22 inch aluminum alloy wheel with Rolls-Royce's self repairing tires.


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