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Prevent Aluminum Tube Bending Method
Apr 20, 2017

Countermeasures of prevent aluminum tube bending defects - Jiang Xiang precision copper aluminum pipe factory

To prevent or reduce the defects of tube bending, satisfied with the quality of pipe bending, should take relevant countermeasures in the process of the bend. First of all, the structure of product design, to the extent permitted bending pipe should as far as possible the design bigger bending radius, at the same time, when the choose and buy should choose booster and end with a side pushing mechanism of pipe bending machine.

(1) for aluminum tube arc lateral flat serious fitting, when making coreless bend compression mold (round) can be designed into the structure of reverse deformation slot, in order to reduce or eliminate the degree of flat tube bending. The curved slots for core bent pipe, the structure and size when the mandrel diameter is too small or severe worn, a suitable core rod should be replaced, unilateral clearance between the mandrel and the tube wall should be no greater than 0.5 mm, at the same time, installing a mandrel people want to appropriate. In addition, when installing a mold, to ensure that each piece of pipe trough axis in the same horizontal plane.

(2) the small radius bending arc lateral thinning is the nature of bending process, is inevitable, but measures should be taken to overcome the situation of the large amount of thinning, the commonly used effective method is to use the side with a booster device or tail pushing device or both the pipe bending machine, in this way, auxiliary push or pusher mechanism to push forward pipe, offset some of tube bending resistance, improving the pipe section stress distribution state of offshoring makes the neutral layer, so as to achieve the purpose of reduce the outer pipe wall thinning amount. Booster and pushing speed according to the actual circumstance of bend to determine, make its speed matching and bend. At the same time, should check the mandrel installation schedule whether appropriate, discomfort at the time to make the necessary adjustments.

(3) in the pipe arc lateral bending crack, carefully analyze the causes, and first of all, should guarantee the pipe with good heat treatment state, seamless aluminum pipe weld as far as possible don't in the stress direction of F1 and F2, i.e. not for clamping die and bending die. Rule out the factors of pipe inspection again after compaction mould pressure is too big, and adjust the pressure properly. For new use mandrel to check whether the diameter is too big, need to take when diameter is grinding, and ensure the mandrel and tube wall has good lubrication, to reduce the bending resistance and the pipe wall and the friction core rod, and take appropriate measures to avoid shaking machine tool, etc.

(4) for arc inside wrinkling, should take corresponding measures according to wrinkle position, and if the tangent point before wrinkling, should adjust the mandrel forward position, make the mandrel of schedule properly, in order to achieve reasonable bend on the pipe support, If the tangent point after wrinkle, should add blank piece, and make the blank piece of correct installation position, can and curved pipe die stick very well, and adjust the compression mold (round) pressure make appropriate; If arc inside is full of wrinkles, in addition to appropriately adjust the compression mold (round) the pressure outside, also check and ball diameter mandrel plug each internode of pitch, diameter is too small or wear serious when a core rod should be replaced.

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