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Polluting Water Sources, Bahrain Aluminum 1200MW Thermal Power Plant Shut Down Rectification
Sep 27, 2017

Polluting water sources, Bahrain aluminum 1200MW thermal power plant shut down rectification


India Chattisgarh Environmental Protection Committee (CGECB) has issued a notice requiring the state located off the Bahrain aluminum Korba 1200 MW coal-fired power plant.

The notice also states that, due to the destruction of the fly ash dam wall, mortar water will be discharged into the Belgiri nullah canal near the factory and eventually enter the Hasdeo River, polluting the river water.

Taking into account the violation of environmental norms, India Chattisgarh Environmental Protection Committee has asked the board of directors at the Korba regional director in accordance with the water pollution control ordinance enacted in 1974, immediately take the necessary action.

At the same time, the environmental protection agency has asked the Bahrain aluminum industry immediately take measures to rectify and repair the dam to prevent mortar from entering the Hasdeo river.

It is worth noting that the Hasdeo river is mainly used for irrigation and drinking water in some parts of the area.

Even as the situation has been brought under control, the environmental protection committee is planning to reconsider its earlier decision on the Bahrain Aluminum Corporation's no objection Certificate (NOC) to increase the height of the ash dam of the 1200 megawatt fire power plant.

In addition, the Environmental Protection Commission has called on all thermal power plants to strictly abide by the relevant standards and norms formulated by the environmental protection commission.

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