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Poland TFKable Acquisition Of British JDR Cable Regulatory Approval
Aug 31, 2017

Poland TFKable acquisition of British JDR cable regulatory approval

The day before, Poland wire and cable manufacturer TFKable has received regulatory approval to buy the British JDR cable systems.

JDR cable indicated that the acquisition is expected to be completed within a week of final legal and administrative matters.

JDR also said that Richard Turner, the company's chief operating officer, will be chief executive since 2014, and will lead the management with the chief technology officer, James Young. The two will join the board of directors of JDR and the board of directors of TFKable. Current JDR cable chief executive David Currie and chief financial officer Ivan Coyard will become the company's new board of executive consultants. "Acquisition by the TFKable group is the next step in the JDR cable's strategy to join a large industrial trading group."." Currie representation.

The two companies maintain long-term cooperation, and TFKable provides the water seal core for the cable and umbilical cord system for the JDR cable.

TFKable CEO Monika Cupial-Zgryzek said that the acquisition will improve the company's production capacity, and allow further development and utilization of JDR cable and umbilical cord system. JDR cable has a large market share in the global market, especially in offshore wind power field."

Through the acquisition transaction, TFKable will JDR cable in the British two manufacturing plants in the bag. Currently, TFKable has 6 factories in Poland, Ukraine and Serbia.

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