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National Aluminum Alloy Pressure Processing Engineering Research Center Has Made Breakthroughs
Aug 30, 2017

National aluminum alloy pressure processing engineering research center has made breakthroughs

Aluminum is a light metal, aluminum alloy as the basic elements, adding one or more alloying elements are referred to as Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Alloy in pure aluminum, good conductivity and high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, good ductility, easy recovery, easy to carry various forms of processing advantages, widely used in various fields, to become the world's second largest steel metal materials. Aluminum Alloy materials is an important engineering material in national economy and national defense construction, widely used in transportation, modern architecture, high-end manufacturing, power electronics, information industry, defense industry, aerospace and other fields.

Aluminum alloy pressure processing is a method for obtaining aluminum alloy material or product by means of metal deformation, such as rolling, extrusion, drawing, forging, stamping and so on. In order to reduce our Aluminum Alloy pressure processing technology gap with the developed countries, enhance the processing capacity of high-end aluminum in China, enhance the quality of aluminum, the formation of the national Aluminum Alloy pressure processing engineering technology research center, through a combination of research methods, integration Aluminum Alloy pressure processing related outstanding innovation and advantage of innovation to solve effect of common key technologies Aluminum Alloy pressure processing in China, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, narrowing the gap between the industry, has a positive role in promoting the improvement of product quality Aluminum Alloy.

The national Aluminum Alloy pressure processing engineering technology research center in 2013 approved the construction, currently built Aluminum Alloy casting and heat treatment, rolling, extrusion, forging and analysis platform, the key technology research of high precision wide thin Aluminum Alloy cans plate pressure processing technology, high strength and heat resistant Aluminum Alloy bar processing technology, high strength and high toughness Aluminum Alloy aviation forging production technology, high performance Aluminum Alloy flat ingot casting and pressure plate processing technology to complete, effectively enhance the technical progress of aluminum processing industry in china. The development of new high-end aluminum products such as high performance aviation panels, skin panels and automobile panels provides a guarantee for the development of China's aerospace industry and defense industry.

Recently, the Ministry of science and technology experts to carry out the inspection of the national Aluminum Alloy pressure processing engineering technology research center, acceptance of the expert group agreed that the national Aluminum Alloy pressure processing engineering research center completed the formation of the objectives and tasks.

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