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Kunshan Transportation With Aluminum Materials
Jul 17, 2018

Southwest aluminum in Al - Mg, Al - Mg - Si series, corrosion resistant weldable problem can be solved effectively, China classification society and the recognition of Lloyd's register, plates, profiles, tubes and other products used in the shell, window room partition, high speed ship deck and navigational instruments and meters, ship equipment such as ocean transportation. 2, 3, 5, 6 XXX XXX XXX XXX, 7 XXX series plates, profiles, tubes, bars, forgings, foil, etc. The products are widely used in car, subway, light rail, road transport industry, such as high-speed trains the main production car body structure, doors and Windows, decoration, shelves, engine parts, radiator, skin, wheels, etc. For example, the light rail and high-speed trains produced by the special profile production line are filled in the domestic blank with large porous profiles, which meets the requirements of the localization of trains.

In addition, there are also aerospace aluminum, southwest aluminum for shenzhou spacecraft, carrier rockets and other Chinese aerospace industries, such as forging, milling plate, a large number of high quality aluminum. Aluminum for printing, mainly used for making aluminum base PS version. Aluminum for building decoration, mainly used for building decoration, decoration, etc. Aluminum packaging materials, southwest aluminum high-performance special thin strip materials and aluminum foil are widely used in beverage, wine, food, cosmetics, medicine, cigarettes and other products packaging. Aluminum materials for electronic home appliances and electrical appliances mainly include series of aluminum materials for household appliances, series of aluminum materials for electronic industry and series of aluminum materials for electric power industry.


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