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Know The Things About The Aluminum Plate In The Building
Nov 30, 2017

Aluminum plate, plate material made of aluminum or Aluminum Alloy material, or a plate of aluminum products by flat aluminum embryo through heating, rolling and straightening or solution and aging process made.


Aluminum building used include monolayer plate, composite aluminum and other materials, usually often refers to aluminium (also called the single pure aluminum or aluminum), used for building decoration engineering, aluminum curtain wall is a form of curtain wall, simply using aluminum instead of glass curtain wall. The aluminum curtain wall is mostly used for wall shield and non lighting wall, and the aluminium plate curtain wall in foreign countries has always chosen single layer aluminum plate. For the current aluminum sheet curtain wall used in China, single layer aluminum plate is used widely, because it can get various colors of spraying surface, with high strength, low cost and long life. If it doesn't contact directly with steel, aluminum plate will hang on the wall, and it will not fall off and corrode for 50 years.

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