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Is The Idea That The Asarco Copper Mine Was Actually Hitting An American Monument?
Aug 31, 2017

Is the idea that the Asarco copper mine was actually hitting an American monument?

Environmentalists are fighting for a three copper mine in National Memorial Chorten, Arizona's copper miners.

While the United States Department of the interior audit of the national 21 national monuments of the scale of the multinational mineral company Asarco, Tucson northwest 129000 acre Ironwood forest 11000 acres outside National Memorial Chorten to withdraw, to dig more copper in the region, the region adjacent to the company's Silver Bell copper mine.

Asarco said it needed 11000 acres of land because it could not produce economic benefits on its 880 acres and could not apply for mining rights in the federal monument.

In addition, the state mining industry is also trying to narrow down the land area of two other National Memorial Chorten sites in Arizona, which Clinton had named.

Tucson democratic U.S. representative Ra L Grijalva said the case, if Ironwood decided to shrink the monument land area, the Trump administration will be prosecuted.

Grijalva said, "Ironwood land is designated because of the protection of its habitat and the permanent protection of its land, the private right to interfere in public property."."

Asarco is an American copper mining, smelting and refining company based in Tucson, arizona. The company mainly produces copper. It is a subsidiary of Mexico group. The company's three largest open pit mines are in arizona. Its mines produce 350 million to 400 million pounds of copper a year.

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