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Indian Aluminum Industry Companies Are Not Worried About Alumina Prices
Dec 19, 2017

This year, the alumina price index has been unstable. In October of this year, the price of alumina surged to a high level as China decided to implement a winter capacity reduction plan and the market generally worried about supply. However, the price of alumina did not prompt the price of aluminum to go up. Therefore, the global primary aluminum producers are deeply aware of the increase in production costs. In this regard, india aluminum industry companies are not worried.

Indian Aluminum Industries Ltd. is a consolidated aluminum producer in India. With diversified investments and a Novelis value-added product business, Al-Qa'idah's revenue is still growing steadily, even though the price of alumina is volatile.

As of September this year, the price of alumina and other aluminum raw materials in the major Chinese markets is relatively high. In the recent period of time, the prices gradually dropped.

Analysts at Infrastructure Development Finance said the volatility of aluminum prices did not have a significant impact on the revenue of Indian Aluminum Industries. The UBS global research finds that the upstream aluminum industry is not the main source of revenue for Alcoa (25% -30% before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or business benefits).

Infrastructure Development Finance believes that the operating profit of Alcoa mainly comes from the downstream industries, with the benefits of its Novelis products accounting for 55% of its total FY 2019 profit. It is estimated that its copper products (10%) The benefits will account for 65% of its 2019 total benefit.

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