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In The Face Of Rising Aluminum Prices, Alumina Market Can Not See
Aug 28, 2017

In the face of rising aluminum prices, alumina market can not see

In the Fed rate hike is expected to continue to fall and the tone of dovish bias and other factors, since June, domestic aluminum prices rose significantly support. As of mid July, LME aluminum price closed at $1670 / ton, up 113 U.S. dollars / ton, rose to 7.26%, the highest price reached 1703 U.S. dollars / ton, a record high this year, the domestic spot price of aluminum rose by nearly 200 yuan / ton to 13000 yuan / ton, or 1.57%. However, the alumina market, which is directly related to the electrolytic aluminum market, did not profit from it. Instead, it fell deeper and deeper on the way down. The alumina market is out of reach"

Since the beginning of June, the domestic alumina price fell more than 200 yuan / ton, taking Shanxi as an example, at the beginning of June the market mainstream price at 1980-2020 yuan / ton, and in mid July the mainstream market price has to 1750-1800 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price fell to 1750 yuan / ton, near the end of July, prices stabilize not showing signs of. This wave, the rapid decline in domestic alumina prices, vaguely visible last year, the shadow of the market crash. The alumina market is out of reach"

Although the theory of accounting, the shortage of domestic alumina production showed small, but because of Shanxi, Henan and Shandong failed to fully digest inventory of alumina, alumina prices very difficult game, straight pole. At present, Shanxi, Henan part of the alumina production enterprises in Shandong and Guangxi, the total inventory levels of more than 600 thousand tons, in the enterprise to continue to inventory status, buyer's market situation unchanged, short-term alumina prices continue to be weak, 1700 yuan / ton or fall.

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