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High-strength Lightweight New 3D Printed Aluminum Alloy, Airbus Aircraft Teamed With Toyota Motor
May 03, 2018

Airbus and Toyota, two world famous companies, have different things to play, one is a plane and the other is a car, but they have all actively embraced 3D printing technology. So naturally, the two came together in this area — on November 27, 2017 Antarctic Bear learned that APWORKS, a subsidiary of Airbus that specializes in the 3D printing business, will work with Toyota to continue the development and production and sales of Airbus R&D. New high-strength aluminum-magnesium-niobium alloy-Scalmalloy for 3D printing. Scalmalloy is the world's first aluminum alloy material specially developed for the SLM (Selective Laser Fusion) 3D printing technology. It has a unique microstructure with a tensile strength of 520 MPa, a density of 2.67 g/cm3, and elongation at break. At 13%, both fatigue resistance, weldability, strength/weight ratio, and ductility are better than ordinary aluminum alloys (strength can even be comparable to titanium alloys), in addition to a high cooling rate at high temperatures Keep stable. Therefore, it is very suitable for aerospace, defense and transportation.

In fact, as early as 2015, Airbus used Scalmalloy 3D to print a nacelle structure and successfully helped the A320 airliner achieve weight reduction. On May 20, 2016, the company also used this material to print the Light Rider, the world's leading bionic electric motorcycle. Its strength is no less than ordinary motorcycles, but only 35 kilograms, very light. And not so long ago, APWORKS has just reached a similar cooperation with the famous British metal powder manufacturer LPW, the contents of which is the mass production of Scalmalloy. Thus, the potential of this new alloy is enormous.

It is reported that in this cooperation, Toyota will use its expertise to produce Scalmalloy alloy and then sell it through its own global sales network. At the same time, they will further study the potential of Scalmalloy's composition and optimize its production process. “We believe Toyota is a partner that can help us continue to provide and develop Scalmalloy alloys for our customers,” said Sven Lauxman, sales and marketing director at APWORKS. “Our goal is to market this new alloy worldwide. To provide it to customers from aerospace to robotics."

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