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High-efficiency “green” Aluminizing Process For High-temperature Alloy Blades Has Been Successfully Developed
Apr 12, 2018

Recently developed a subversion of the traditional "green" aluminizing technology, so that the preparation of advanced aluminide coatings to achieve the same non-toxic gas emissions like vacuum coating, no harmful element doping requirements, coating oxidation resistance superior to ordinary aluminide coating .

It is reported that high performance thermal diffusion aluminide coatings, including platinum modification, active element modified aluminide coatings, are one of the main methods for high temperature corrosion protection of advanced aero-engine and gas turbine turbine blades. However, in the traditional powder-embedding, slurry-diffusion and gas-phase heat-diffusing aluminide coating preparation techniques, there is a chronic disease of coating harmful element doping and toxic gas release. In response to the above problems, the “green” aluminizing technology developed by the research group is based on the effect of vacuum high-density aluminum plasma irradiation, and the enhanced diffusion mechanism through the deposition, injection, sputtering and irradiation of high-density aluminum ions can achieve no harmful effects. Highly efficient, controllable, non-toxic gas emissions from element-doped high-performance aluminide coatings.

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