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Helicopter Aluminum Leading
Nov 27, 2017

China's "Black Whirlwind" armed forces

Helicopter aluminum leading

Chinese newly developed direct -19E is a light helicopter, in September 8, 2015 in Heilongjiang for the first time in Harbin debut entirely by the Chinese aviation industry group independent research and development, Harbin aircraft industry Refco Group Ltd, is a narrow machine body of a type of outlet two dedicated armed helicopter.

It is reported that straight -19E is the improved version of straight -19 armed helicopter, the latter is 12m long, high 4.01m, the maximum takeoff mass is 4.5 tons, cruising speed is 245km/h, the highest speed is 305km/h, range 800km. -19E is a light helicopter, the maximum takeoff weight of >4 tons, the light quality, the cruise speed and rate of climb has obvious advantages, can destroy the world's most powerful tanks and other ground targets, and the same applies to provide air support for ground troops or the defense of other low altitude targets, operational performance the. In the structure of timber straight -19E, although the use of some composite materials, but Aluminum Alloy is still dominant, accounting for more than 60%, in the 4 case mounted on air to ground missiles and multiple rocket launchers, in a very short time to more than a dozen rockets tend to the enemy.

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