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Guangzhou Postal Port For The First Time Express Delivery Of Imported Automotive Aluminum Wheel Hub
Sep 05, 2017

Guangzhou postal port for the first time express delivery of imported automotive aluminum wheel hub

4 reporters from the Guangzhou entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the office in the post office was informed that the day before the office of a declaration of conformity and to provide product testing certificate of imported Aluminum Alloy hub material returned. This is the import wheel hub has been formally included in the statutory inspection directory, the Guangzhou postal port for the first time to return imported vehicle wheels.

The net weight of this wheel is 10 kg, which is purchased directly from overseas by an auto parts company and is declared as imported by general cargo. Inspection and quarantine officers found the front and back wheel does not have any product information, and not required to cast out the maximum design load of the hub calibration in distinct parts, according to the "import hub inspection and supervision work requirements" to implement returned treatment on the hub.

It is reported that, as one of the important safety parts of the vehicle, the quality and safety performance of the wheel will affect the safety of the vehicle directly. In 2015, AQSIQ issued a statutory test on imported wheels, and explicitly asked the import daily to provide relevant inspection certificates at the time of inspection.

Guangzhou postal port in August this year, a total of 3 million 780 thousand inspection supervision express mail, an increase of 71%, of which imported electromechanical products mainly for the old mechanical and electrical, medical equipment, car wheels less. Guangzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau to remind consumers should pay attention to whether a standard hub hub, the largest permanent code label design loads and manufacturer identification mark and other elements when the vehicle hub to replace imports, in order to avoid the inferior wheel, pose a security risk, even life-threatening.

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