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Environmental Supervision Ten Times The Latest Bulletin: Enterprises Still Accounted For 54.5%
Sep 05, 2017

Environmental supervision ten times the latest bulletin: enterprises still accounted for 54.5%

In September 2nd, the reporter learned from the Ministry of environmental protection, as of August 31st, the Ministry of environmental protection, strengthen the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution inspection team has completed ten rounds of inspection work, 28 inspection teams inspected 41928 enterprises (units), environmental problems of enterprises reached 22832, accounting for about 54.5% of the total number of checks.

In other words, the Department of environmental protection has been regarded as the largest ever environmental protection air pollution prevention and supervision action, since April 7, 2017 to August 31st, found that the number of enterprises is still more than half.

And after nearly 5 months of the inspection data, as of August 20th, the first nine rounds to strengthen the supervision and inspection of 40925 enterprises, found that the problem of 22620 enterprises, accounting for 55.3%; as of August 7th, 28 inspection teams inspected 39759 enterprises, enterprises reached 22392, accounting for about 56.3% of the total number of check - two the first eight rounds with the digital group (April 7th to August 3rd) the inspection data inspection compared - a total of 39358 enterprises of 22319 enterprises, accounting for 56.7%, although it is more than half, but the problem is in the proportion of enterprises gradually reduced, and the decline has increased.

According to the environmental protection department responsible person, in the enterprise before the ten round of 22832 problems, involving gas "scattered pollution problem of enterprises reached 7180, 67 exceed the standard emissions, 2480 not installed pollution control facilities, 2016 pollution control facilities are not normal operation, 4 suspected of automatic monitoring of 3310 is a resort to deceit, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) governance issues.

The past ten rounds of strengthening the inspection situation, environmental problems include: involving gas "scattered pollution" problem of illegal production enterprises outstanding; pollution control facilities are not perfect, not the normal operation is common; volatile organic compounds (VOCs) governance problem is still serious, lack of treatment facilities, treatment facilities do not regulate the operation of the situation is still more common.

However, "no treatment facilities, serious pollution emissions exceed the standard," scattered pollution 'enterprises, the pollution is more and more obvious, in some areas has become an important factor affecting the quality of the air, so "pollution remediation scattered" resolutely eliminate the closed out, to urge the rectification - up transformation to improve the environment air quality is a major adjustment." Tian said.

In addition, according to the Ministry of environmental protection issued the inspection report shows that from August 28th to August 31st, 6 inspection teams four days to check the 92 enterprises in Beijing Jin Jin, 83, 92, 93, respectively, found problems involving gas environment enterprises 15, 19, 13, 13.

From July 21st to August 31st in Hebei Province, the 8 inspection teams to sink to 55 counties (area, city), a total of 10341 specific tasks of Hebei "1+18" special plan of 1418 tasks completed to conduct on-site verification, found 1003 points involving gas "scattered pollution remediation companies, volatile organic compounds renovation, rural coal-burning governance 472 tasks in the problems of slow, incomplete or false complete etc..

While in Henan Province, the 7 inspection teams to sink to 47 counties (districts, cities), 7872 specific tasks of Henan "three fundamental three temporary plan 917 tasks completed at the same time also conducted on-site verification, found 659 points involving gas" scattered pollution remediation, coal-burning enterprises treatment of 358 tasks in the problems of slow, incomplete or false complete etc..

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