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Does A Coffee Pot (Mocha Pot) Cook Coffee (high Temperature) In A Coffee Pot (high Temperature) Will Have A Large Amount Of Aluminum Dissolved Into The Coffee To Affect The Brain?
Nov 30, 2017

Does a coffee pot (Mocha pot) cook coffee (high temperature) in a coffee pot (high temperature) will have a large amount of aluminum dissolved into the coffee to affect the brain?

The surface of aluminum containers are covered with a layer of dense oxide (Al2O3), different from the iron stupid with a layer of porous ferric oxide to facilitate rust, this film can prevent rust aluminum, so aluminum containers in most cases is absolutely safe. Why is it most of the case? Because the quality of your coffee pot is at the stall level, it's not easy to say. Finally open a rumor: aluminum ions were found in quite a long period of time can lead to mental decline and even dementia, support this view that no longer for the treatment of aluminum hydroxide hyperchlorhydria are dead. In fact, too much aluminum is bad for the body, but it will not cause Alzheimer's disease. The main reason for the fact that aluminum hydroxide is no longer used for the treatment of gastric acidity is to find a better substitute.

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