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Chinese Aluminum Enterprises Intend To Produce Hubs In Russian Special Economic Zones
Aug 11, 2017

Chinese aluminum enterprises intend to produce hubs in Russian special economic zones

Russia Moscow has information: according to the Russian aluminium Association announced that the association is working with China wheel manufacturers Zhejiang Yue Ling Limited by Share Ltd to negotiate in the Russian production hub.

Terry Schenker, chairman of the Aluminum Association pointed out that Russia is currently set up 3 special economic zones aimed at the development of local aluminum industry (located in Krasnoyarsk, Volgograd and Hakas). From electricity tariffs to taxes and equipment imports, each of the SAR offers preferential treatment to enterprises.

The announcement pointed out that Zhejiang mountain ridge company to show interest in these projects, and expressed willingness to see a more in-depth formulation of the proposal.

Zhejiang Limited by Share Ltd produces 5 million 500 thousand pieces of automobile wheels every year. The products are sold in 80 countries and have business contacts with 200 enterprises. Before 2014, the company exported more than 1 million products to Russia, now down to 400 thousand pieces.

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