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China's Electrolytic Aluminum Cleaning And Rectification Action Has Entered A Critical Period
Aug 14, 2017

China's electrolytic aluminum cleaning and rectification action has entered a critical period

The supply side reform of electrolytic aluminum has become one of the hot topics in the non-ferrous industry this year. As an important position in the non-ferrous industry, the aluminum industry is a problem that can not be ignored. Since the beginning of this year, the Department of China has issued a notice, making this year became an important year for electrolytic aluminum production capacity to the policies have landed implemented until now, electrolytic aluminum production capacity to clean up illegal action has entered a critical stage.

In accordance with the requirements of "rectification of the electrolytic aluminum industry illegal projects special action plan" in time: 1, the enterprise (completed in May 15th); self-examination 2, where verification (before June 30th completed); 3, special checks (completed in September 15th); 4, to urge the rectification (before October 15th). Means that the current action has entered a special inspection period, and the next 8, 9, two months will be electrolytic aluminum production capacity index period of centralized transactions.

In the July, is the electrolytic aluminum production capacity index of both supply and demand frequent contact, mutual exploratory stage, which includes not only the mutual temptation psychological price, including index procedures are complete important issues such as the index demand confirmation. In July, there were more large-scale production behavior to Wei bridge and issued a letter on behalf of the two aluminum group, China's electrolytic aluminum production capacity to significantly speed, so as to allow the market to regain confidence, the name of the existence of illegal production of aluminum, the purchase index replacement has become their only way to reduce losses, therefore index of purchasing demand in a short period of time to focus on the outbreak, the telephone inquiry or visit frequency to increase aluminum prices, directly pushed up the price index for index holders psychological expectations. There were a large number of illegal production of aluminum prices under an alias to abandon the purchase index, but for the entire environment, large-scale growth index procurement also formed a small stimulus for electrolytic aluminum enterprises.

According to aluminum financial network understanding, although the current indicators of regional differences in prices, but they are showing a very clear upward trend. Shaanxi area expected to reach 3000 yuan per ton on the Henan area, because of the actual turnover of 1000 yuan per ton early on as a reference, therefore, the hand still holds sale index for enterprises, the price index is expected to be relatively rational psychology, basic in 2000 yuan per ton. Because Henan province is China's old industrial aluminum base, over the years has production capacity, idle, eliminated, so with the highest productivity index, but Henan Province aluminum enterprises expansion priority to meet the demand, production capacity indicators are not allowed temporarily out of the province, has now sold more than 30 tons, there are still some index holders in the wait-and-see. It is understood that, in addition to Henan Province, Liaoning, Sichuan and other places also on the local electrolytic aluminum production capacity indicators set up obstacles.

Therefore, the whole 8, 9 two months will be the electrolytic aluminum production capacity index of centralized transaction period, also means that the two month is given index holders for the maximum benefit for the last time, because time after October 15th, electrolytic aluminum production capacity index of the market is very difficult to see, the price is likely to continue to rise, but also this may decline. So, for the index holders who, in October before the deadline urgency index also significantly enhanced cash hand to sell, and for electrolytic aluminum production enterprises, is currently the most important action for change period, then the price of aluminum will change, will largely depend on the results of rectification.

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