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China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Association Issued A Statement On The Anti Dumping And Countervailing Investigation Launched By The United States On The Independent Launch Of The Aluminum Strip In China
Dec 02, 2017

China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Association issued a statement on the anti dumping and countervailing investigation launched by the United States on the independent launch of the aluminum strip in China

In November 28th, the U. S. Department of Commerce launched an anti-dumping countervailing survey on aluminum strip imported from China in November 28th.

I would like to express my strong opposition to this.

I would think that China aluminum products are highly complementary, bilateral trade and investment between the service industry steadily, and promote bilateral economic development; Sino US industry has maintained good cooperation and dialogue relations, differences and problems encountered in the development of the United States to jointly cope with the government self filing behavior not only intensified and expanded contradiction at the same time, also ignored the interests of consumers, the downstream industry employment problems.

To this end, I would like to express my strong dissatisfaction and will be a representative of China's aluminum industry, and firmly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of China's aluminum strip export enterprises.

China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association

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