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BMD Airborne Chariot Made Of Aluminum Alloy
Nov 27, 2017

Russia's airborne vehicle BMD, the United States' national interest bimonthly website, called it "flying" armored vehicles, is the secret weapon of the Russian army, it is in the Soviet Union in 1966 introduced BMP-1 infantry chariot on the basis of improved manufacturing. BMP-1 infantry vehicles can be airborne, providing infantry and ground forces for mechanized infantry. It is equipped with 1 machine guns, 1 anti tank missile launchers and 1 173mm low pressure guns.

The Russian made BMD-1 tanks in Volgograd -- the volume ratio of BMP-1 type vehicles imported volume small, the quality is also lighter, because its shell is Aluminum Alloy, hanging armor should also be Aluminum Alloy plate, and its weapons did not reduce, and on both sides of the front vehicle is additionally equipped with two machine guns. The quality of the BMD-1 tank is only 8 tons, and its front length is significantly shorter than that of the BMP-1 model. Its maximum speed is 80km/h, which is 25% faster than that of the BMP-1 model.

As early as the Soviet Union, a special rocket parachute was designed and manufactured for this kind of airborne vehicle. When the touch rod hanging on the BMD chassis touched the ground, it would trigger the deceleration rocket, so that the terminal landing speed dropped to a very safe 6m/s.

Russia is building 4 airborne divisions, each with 6500 divisions, and comes with 330 BMD - 1 chariots. In addition to Russia has BMD - 1 type tanks, Volgograd vehicles factory current annual output of dozens of BMD -- 4M and BTR -- MDM armored personnel carriers. Because of their amphibious capabilities, these new tanks will serve in the Russian marine corps.

The key part of an air dropping tank, the key component of the airdrop tank, was manufactured by China Jiangsu Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd., and the reducer housing was forged by spray forming 7055 alloy. Allegedly, Jiang Lu company in the upcoming R & D and production of new airdrop tanks and amphibious armored vehicles on a large number of spray forming 7055 aluminum alloy parts.

7055 alloy is a kind of high strength alloy, is an American alloy, 1991 registered Aluminum Association Inc in the United States, the calibration component (mass%): 0.10Si, 0.15Fe, 2.0Cu, 2.6Cu, 0.05Mn, 1.8Mg, 2.3Mg, 0.04Cr, 7.6Zn, 8.4Zn, 0.06Ti, 0.08Zr, 0.25Zr, 0.05, a total of 0.15 single other impurities, the rest Al.

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