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Application Of 3D Printing In Aerospace
Dec 02, 2017

Application of 3D printing in aerospace


As the typical representative technology of the third industrial revolution manufacturing field, the development time of 3D printing has received wide attention from all walks of life. Metal high-performance manufacturing technology (metal 3D printing technology) is regarded as a highly difficult and high standard development branch in 3D printing field, and plays a decisive role in industrial manufacturing. Nowadays, industrial manufacturing enterprises all over the world are vigorously developing metal incremental manufacturing technology, especially aerospace manufacturing enterprises. They are spending lots of money and material resources to increase their research and development efforts to ensure their leading edge in technology.

Under the backdrop of the American manufacturing return strategy and the German industry 4, the international environment also provides an indispensable nutrition for 3D printing. Whether it is the newly established national manufacturing center or the British technology strategy committee, it regards aerospace as the primary application area of material increasing manufacturing technology. In October 2012, Lu Yongxiang, the former president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, made clear that China's 3D technology will also be applied to the aerospace field first.

As the shining pearl on the crown of the industry, the aerospace manufacturing field integrates a state-of-the-art technology. It is the support area for the implementation of the national strategic plan and the display of the political situation. And metal 3D technology as a new manufacturing technology, its application in the field of Aeronautics and Astronautics has a prominent advantage, and the service efficiency is obvious.

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