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Antenna With Small Diameter Of Aluminium Tube Aluminized Reasons
Apr 20, 2017

1, aluminum tube aluminized which several methods are there?

Solid powder embedding diffusion aluminizing; Liquid diffusion hot dip aluminized; Gas aluminized; Aluminum tube coating and spraying aluminized; Electrostatic spraying aluminized; Electrophoretic deposition aluminized; Molten salt electrolysis aluminized; Medium frequency high frequency slurry methods such as rapid induction aluminizing.

2, aluminum tube aluminized why?

Aluminum tube used according to different requirements, aluminized in the aluminum tube, low alloy steel and high nickel chromium alloy steel substrate. These materials after aluminized, on the surface to form a layer of iron alloy layer with special performance, so as to improve the material of high temperature oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

3, aluminum tube which is the most commonly used two methods of aluminized, liquid spread of hot dip aluminized.

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