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Aluminum Tube Processing And Degaussing Technology
Apr 20, 2017

A, aluminum tube light processing

Electrochemical aluminum tube light processing technology in the burr at the same time, also can be divided into micro cracks on the surface of aluminum tube and embedded into the foreign material, aluminum tube surface, it has no energy into parts of tensile and compressive stress on the surface of aluminum tube can be turned into stress free surface, thus advances the fatigue resistance of the product.

Aluminum tube products after electrochemical light treatment can make its corrosion resistance of 2-3 times progress. Due to the aluminum tube after electrochemical treatment of chromium nickel oxide strengthen the passivation membrane, solve the poor chromium depleted nickel layer, aluminum tube forming enrichment of chromium, nickel passivation layer.

Aluminum tube products after electrochemical light treatment, the purity of the product to get progress. Due to the electrochemical treatment after surface brightness, aluminum GuanPing slippery, contaminant is not easy to stick on the surface.. But after dealing with the electrochemical luminous, scale is not easy to knot, aluminum tube has greatly improved its service life.

Second, the aluminum pipe demagnetization process

1, aluminum pipe coil around the steel pipe outside, to applying an alternating current coil, and gradually reduce the ac current, aluminum tube until reduced to zero. Aluminum tube demagnetizing results: don't change the physical properties of the aluminum tube, but, once again met with magnetic field, aluminum tubes will be magnetized.

2, aluminum tube through the heat treatment process, to compare the degaussing completely, but, after degaussing, hardness of the aluminum pipe and rigid will change, to meet with magnetic field in the future, the aluminum tube with magnetic field disappeared, aluminum tube will be basically no residual magnetism.

3, aluminum pipe heat treatment process, probably is: aluminum tube, heated to a certain temperature without oxygen, then the aluminum work 72 hours slowly cooled to room temperature.

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