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Aluminum Products Japan Kobe Steel Data Tampering Are Used For Automobile And Aircraft
Oct 10, 2017

Aluminum products Japan Kobe steel data tampering are used for automobile and aircraft


According to Japanese media reports, Subaru said in a statement 9, Kobe steel with aluminum products strength performance data for automobile and aircraft. Mazda also revealed the car using Kobe steel production of aluminum products. Both companies said they were confirming the impact on security, and Subaru said it would give top priority to the safety of customers who are using the product".

About to achieve the promised performance and customer of the aluminum and copper products, Kobe steel rewrote the certificate of inspection data, forged into standard. Supply customers involving Toyota Auto Body Co, MITSUBISHI heavy industries, East China Railway (JR East Sea) and so on about 200. If it is found that the strength of the important components of the car's driving performance is insufficient, it may develop into a large-scale recall (free recycling and repair).

Subaru sold about 160 thousand units in Japan in 2016. The representative models are sports wagon, "LEVORG", sport utility vehicle (SUV), "forest man"". In the aircraft, but also the production of self defense team trainer aircraft, the United States Boeing 787 medium-sized passenger aircraft, such as the central wing.

Mazda 2016 annual sale in Japan about 200 thousand cars, small cars have angkesaila, SUV "CX-5" and other products.

TOYOTA 8 also revealed that some models of the hood and trunk door using the existing problems of aluminum products.

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