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Aluminum For Automobile
Sep 29, 2018

Relevant data show that the proportion of aluminum alloy used in automotive manufacturing is gradually rising, the current use of aluminum alloy is more Jaguar long wheelbase version XF, this car claims in addition to the car's four cars 1] is steel, the other parts of the body are all aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy proportion to the horror of 75%. So what parts of the car can use aluminum alloy, you know? Xiaobian visited the well-known domestic automotive aluminum suppliers, to give you a comprehensive automotive parts with aluminum alloy list in detail.

First of all, the car hub. Today's automobile hubs are basically aluminum, no aluminum hubs, not more than a decade ago, is a very low price car. Aluminum alloy wheels have a very obvious effect on reducing fuel consumption, while 6061 aluminum alloy is mostly used in automobile wheels.

Secondly, the car has four doors and two covers. The "four doors" are the four doors, and the "two covers" are the hood and the trunk cover, which are the body parts that are easily damaged. The aluminum alloy used for the "four doors and two covers" is 5182 aluminum alloy. Because of its excellent deformation, 5182 aluminum plate can absorb the impact force very well when it is impacted by external force, and protect drivers and passengers to a greater extent. Therefore, the four doors and two covers made of 5182 aluminum alloy have higher safety.

Again, the chassis. Aluminum alloys are also used in the suspension swing arm of automobile. The aluminum alloys used in this part are 5083 aluminum alloy, 5754 aluminum alloy, 6061 aluminum alloy and so on. Later, the fuel tank, radiator, battery bottom of new energy automobile are also made of aluminum alloy.

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