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Aluminum Creates A Brilliant Future, Three Major Points Of View Help ALU 2018 Open A New Chapter
Apr 19, 2018

The "Made in China 2025" started to be implemented more than two years ago, prompting the intensification of the construction of a manufacturing powerhouse, and the representative aluminum industry in the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry has also increasingly become a focus of attention. As the platform for the global exhibition of cutting-edge technologies for the aluminum industry once a year, this year's China Aluminum Industry Exhibition (Aluminium china, ALU for short) will be enhanced by the “higher global focus, higher aeronautical aluminum” and improved materials. With the processing technology grasping the three major points of view, open a new chapter in the aluminum industry.

According to the relevant person in charge of the exhibition organizer, Reed Exhibitions, the scale of the exhibition in 2018 has been further expanded on the basis of previous years, and professional visitors are expected to exceed 20,000. The international audience continued to focus on the Southeast Asian market, with the main "Thailand guest country" activity. The organizers will invite relevant Thai government agencies, industry associations, and enterprises and institutions to jointly interpret Thailand's aluminum industry policy, conduct in-depth studies on the Thai aluminum consumer market, and organize a delegation of Thai buyers to visit.

Aluminium Industry Exhibition has always been to promote the development of the aluminum industry and achieve a win-win situation for all parties as the goal and goal, access to more and more well-known exhibitors and professional audiences attention and participation. According to reports, among ALU 2018 exhibitors, Chinalco, Jungle, Zhongwang, Nanshan, Zhongfu, South-South, Nanping, Lufeng, Mingtai, Mingde, Fenglu, Yunhai, Yuhang, Hesheng and Fuengeng There are also well-known companies in the domestic industry such as Shishi and Kaiyuan, as well as internationally renowned companies such as UACJ, SMS group, UACJ, Danieli, Pyrotek, Tenova and AP & T. And these are just the "tips of the iceberg" of nearly 500 exhibitors.

As one of the aluminum industry trading platforms,. ALU 2018 will attract Volkswagen, FAW, SAIC, GAC, Geely, BYD, CIMC, Bosch and other core automotive companies to the scene and will also attract COFCO, Better Profit, Hitachi, Apple, Huawei, Hewlett-Packard, TCL, and Foxconn, etc. Concentrated procurement of electronic companies. Professional audiences from the application industry cover a wide range of aluminum consumption areas such as auto parts and vehicles, packaging, transportation, construction, mechanical parts, and electronics.

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