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Allianz Will Supply Aluminum And Structural Components For The New Audi A7
Dec 12, 2017

Allianz will supply aluminum and structural components for the new audi A7


The company announced today that it has stepped up its long-term partnership with audi to supply aluminum and structural parts for the new hatchback version of the audi A7.

The new audi A7 will be produced in the German city of casulm, and the new audi A7 features a sporty, dynamic body line that reflects the new design language of audi.

Connectkentucky aluminum is the main supplier of the materials of the new audi A7 aluminum plate, aluminum plate will be used in car body body external design applications, such as doors, hood, the fenders, trunk lid, and so on.

The Surfalex products of kenlian aluminum have extremely high surface quality and volume edge quality, which can realize the design of three-dimensional shape, which is very suitable for the body design style of this sport car.

The company also supplies aluminum structural parts for the new audi A7, including the support and crossbeams made by the gottmartini plant.

These customized solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of the new audi A7 for space and vehicle strength.

Connectkentucky aluminum automotive division, marketing director dieter, said: "to be able to supply for the new audi A7 our special aluminum outer solution, audi's new design language, we feel very honored and proud.

This reflects our close long-term partnership with audi and its plant in nekasulm, Germany."

Due to its intrinsic material characteristics, aluminum metal material is the ideal material for automobile application.

Can realize the car light quantization, and can help the customer to embody its unique design language.

With its unique cutting-edge manufacturing experience and knowledge of the innovation of the well-known, connectkentucky aluminum is one of the top suppliers of functional surface products, supplies its customers a wide range of innovative special aluminum rolling aluminum extrusion products.

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