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Alcoa Corp Is Located In Canada Becancour Plant Or Will Once Again Strike
Nov 30, 2017

Alcoa Corp is located in Canada becancour plant or will once again strike


The company is located in Quebec, Canada, and is the factory of the Alcoa Corp. According to the United States steel workers' Federation on Wednesday, trade union workers have rejected contracts provided by the company or will strike again.

The union said that the 1030 union workers collective agreement has been in the Wednesday 11:59 EST (Greenwich standard time 0459) failure, then workers can legally strike, Alcoa also has the right not to allow them to enter.

Alcoa said becancour aluminum annual output of 430 thousand tons of aluminum. In addition to Bei Kang aluminum base, aluminum and Alcoa also has Deschamps Bo Baie Comeau aluminium plant in Quebec area, three aluminum ingots, aluminum and aluminum production capacity of nearly 1 million tons.

Alcoa Corp owns 74.95% stake in becancour plant, the remaining 25.05% of the shares held by the Rio Tinto Alcan; Alcoa said in a statement, the company's management and workers are still willing to choose dialogue and negotiation, and hope to reach an agreement within the next few hours.

Alcoa Corp spokesman Hoise Salzman wrote in an e-mail: "with the maturity of the collective agreement, we have taken measures to ensure safe and efficient operation; our customers has been to support the global network of Alcoa foundry."

The union said in a statement, in the past two days, 90% union members have participated in the vote, of which 97% workers refused to Alcoa offer contract, and give the committee authorized the strike.

Dennis Sanpiel, a trade union spokesman, said the proposed contract includes a dual pension plan, which is unfavorable for new workers and needs to make concessions on qualification rights.

In an email, Dennis Sanpiel said, "the local union plans to engage with employers today and hope to resume negotiations."

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