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Agricultural Aluminum
Aug 14, 2018

The application of aluminum in agriculture is mainly making granaries, greenhouses, agricultural machinery, food processing machinery, tools and containers.

The advantages of aluminum alloy barn storage are: high corrosion resistance, stable storage temperature, light weight, easy installation, insect and damp proof. Metal consumption can be reduced by one-third to 6/7, and the foundation workload can be greatly reduced. Aluminum silos are especially suitable for wet and rainy areas.

Compared with the construction of traditional reinforced concrete granary, the labor intensity of the construction of aluminum alloy granary decreased by 19/20, the consumption of concrete and steel reduced by 4/5-9/10, the infrastructure investment could be reduced by 1/2-2/3, and it could be built on the spot in grain producing areas, free from the restrictions of climate and soil.

In 1981, the former Soviet union built a batch of aluminum alloy granary, with a diameter of 6M and a height of 11M, which could store 1500T grain. The amount of aluminum used per ton of grain was 10-12kg, and 5 workers could complete the loading within 100H. The entry, exit and temperature control of grain are mechanized and automated.

Sprinkler irrigation aluminum tube

The development of agricultural sprinkler irrigation begins with the development of rapidly disassembled ground and permanent subsurface mesh, requiring large amounts of highly resistant and lightweight aluminum tubes.

The grades of aluminium and aluminium alloy for milk conveyors and milking machines are 1035,1050 A and 3003.

Some countries are currently interested in the use of aluminium alloys for the production of grain harvesters, potato pickers and other sorting devices for agricultural machinery, as this can significantly reduce the power required to overcome the inertial forces. The experiment shows that the separation device with large surface area made of aluminum instead of steel is light and beautiful, strong and durable, and has good economic benefits.

Aluminum is also widely used in greenhouse construction, fertilizer transportation vehicles, refrigerated vehicles, livestock transportation vehicles, bulk flour vehicles and so on.

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