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According To The Report Of Russian Aluminum Base Enterprises Seeking Investors To Support China Listed The Fastest Completion By The End Of Next Month
Sep 05, 2017

According to the report of Russian aluminum base enterprises seeking investors to support China listed the fastest completion by the end of next month

According to foreign reports, by the Regal Russian and Russian (00486) President Oleg Deripaska owns energy investment flagship En+ group is seeking China's cornerstone investors to support the listing of the group. En+ group is also the parent company of rusal.

It is reported that En+ group plans to issue shares in the UK and Russia before, with some Chinese investors to discuss a small amount of equity transactions. We discuss the success of the listing plan is expected to be completed by the end of October this year to November.

The news also indicates that the En+ group has the opportunity to reduce its target funding from $1 billion 500 million to $2 billion, and its listing plan has been postponed from June to fall due to valuation issues.

Earlier reports have suggested that En+ plans to invest $1 billion 500 million in London

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