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7001 Aluminum Alloy for outdoor Tent
Jun 22, 2017

7001 aluminum alloy tent poles are for outdoor tent,so the rod is also very important, it is the second big rod in the tent, it is divided into several main parts are the glass rod, the carbon fiber rod and the aluminum and the gold rod, the high-end products and the titanium alloy rod! Outdoor brand ranking, the main use of the donkey is to prop up the tent and shelter from the rain. Therefore, the rod requires good toughness, high elasticity and should not be broken. The distinction between good and bad is mainly here. These people tend to choose aluminum rod rod, but many people choose aluminum rod because take an examination of filter rod will be lighter than the drill rod, the actual general aluminum rod and similar with the glass rod weight, some even heavier than drill rod, and fiberglass rod actual support features also slightly higher than the ordinary aluminum rod. But one of his most important weaknesses is chronic use, and it's easy to crack at low temperatures, lose the elasticity, and sometimes break it

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