Xinhua International Commentary: Chinese hero soul praise
Aug 12, 2017

About China hero legendary film "iron wolf 2" at the box office on the morning of 11 exceeded 4 billion yuan, has created a miracle of Chinese film!

Bloody, resolute and courageous play China military image in the film, in response to the countless people inside the heroism and patriotism, but also to allow foreign fans to enjoy China hero pattern and verve.

Some western media, "wolf 2" although there is a narrative framework similar to Hollywood action films, but show more vivid patriotism and international perspective. This time, China become international protector of vulnerable groups, to subvert the usual blockbusters and presupposition, the media refer to actor as "Rambo version Chinese front".

Although it was a soldier, but the front is obviously not American special forces veterans Rambo of the lone hero, his behavior is not a replica of the logic of personal heroism. China's heroic narrative transcends the simple two dollar set of heroes and villains. Behind the hero is a government's confidence and ability to safeguard the interests of the country and its citizens, a commitment by the responsible powers to protect world peace and performance.

Great times breed wonderful stories. Chinese heroes grow up, mature, and go to the world, from the country's prosperity and rejuvenation of the nation's eager desire, but also from the protection of peace and economic mission of the world call.

In the film, the smoke turbulent devastated is a true portrayal of the real world, the front image is set in reality China heroes and numerous representatives.

In minesweeping Lebanon's "death zone" in Mali, rolling war in holding stability and reconstruction, hold the line in the unrest riot in southern Sultan. Chinese peacekeepers carry out their promises to the world with their blood and lives.

In East Africa AIDS hit to rob to treat patients in West Africa Ebola epidemic. For decades, stick to a foreign land, how many people sleep in the hot land?. China's aid medical team is a "no go" medical team in Africa's population".

In the Gulf of Aden and Somalia, the waves chopped and executed, escorting them as protective umbrellas for international merchant ships, and the guardian of the international waterway. Perform humanitarian obligations, providing public security products, a blue track, engraved under the mountains, clouds bearing Chinese naval mind.

There is also a China hero, XiaGu tender. China peacekeeping police and Zhihong killed in the Haiti earthquake, had life as a feather, willing to "feather way of carrying the wish for peace"; evacuation operations in Yemen, China women holding the little girl boarding home warmth photos, so many people have instant tears ran.

Chinese heroes have their inevitable mission in the times. When the surrounding environment is increasingly complex, geopolitical competition, terrorism, separatism and extremism increasingly rampant, only make efforts, independent people, in order to protect our homes and defend our country, guarding people.

From international aid to overseas evacuation, from joint military drill to international cooperation, from disaster response to standing mechanism, showing China soldiers discipline, sense of responsibility, openness, let the world perceive hero China utter innocence new era, but also reveals the contribution of Chinese as the world peace building, global development, international order the power of the wind.

The history of a hero is also the spiritual history of a nation and a nation. The charm of Chinese heroes is, in essence, the inspiration of Chinese values. The chivalrous person, for the state and the people. Strong without holding weak, rich without degrading the poor. Advocating justice, universal love. Datong, chivalrous spirit realm, universal pursuit, build the core spirit of China hero, writing the legend era very touching.

The glory and the dream Chinese heroes, closely linked with the revival of the prosperity of the country, nation, and world peace, the fate of human solidarity. Let us once again praise for the spirit of such a Chinese hero!

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