who found aluminum?
Jan 11, 2018

Aluminum was found later than other metals.

In 1808 Sir Humphry Davy, a British chemist, confirmed the existence of alum and called it "Alumium" (changed to Aluminum).

1825 Danish chemist and physicist Hans aluminium extracted Austin began to try to test it, until 1827 friedrich weiler use reduced metal potassium molten anhydrous aluminum chloride to get the pure aluminum metal elemental.

"A precious metal like a pearl"

Aluminium was also very high in aluminium production.

It is said that at a dinner party, the French emperor napoleon used aluminum knives and forks, while others used silver cutlery.

The king of Thailand used aluminum watch chains.

At the Paris international fair in 1855, a small piece of aluminum was displayed: "silver from clay" and placed next to the most precious jewels.

In 1889, the czar of Russia gave the mendeleev aluminum trophy for its contribution to the preparation of the periodic table.

, however, in 1886, American sea grant hall, and France, respectively independently electrolysis of molten a mixture of bauxite and cryolite with metal aluminum, which laid a foundation for later mass production of aluminum, aluminum status also thoroughly change, mainly reflected in two aspects: the first is that it is a large number of production, no longer be seen as a precious metal;

The mass production of industrial and living applications has gradually replaced the use of other metals, such as steel and copper, in many fields.

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