what is car piston?(2)classification
Dec 28, 2017

what is car piston?(2)classification

Because the piston of the internal combustion engine works under high temperature and high load conditions, the requirements of the piston are relatively high, so the classification of the piston is mainly talked about.

1. According to the fuel used, it can be divided into gasoline engine piston, diesel piston and gas piston.

2. According to the material of manufacturing piston, it can be divided into cast-iron piston, steel piston, aluminum alloy piston and combined piston.

3. According to the process of manufacturing piston roughing, it can be divided into gravity casting piston, extrusion casting piston and forging piston.

4. According to the working condition of piston, it can be divided into two categories: non-supercharged piston and supercharged piston.

5. According to the purpose of piston, it can be divided into sedan piston, truck piston, motorcycle piston, Marine piston, tank piston, tractor piston, shearer piston, etc.


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