What are the characteristics of aluminium smelting furnace?
Sep 05, 2017

What are the characteristics of aluminium smelting furnace?

Aluminum melting furnace is a new energy efficient furnace according to the aluminum smelting process and development, it can well meet the aluminum smelting process in the alloy composition: strict requirements, the production is not continuous, single furnace large capacity requirements, to reduce consumption, reduce loss, improve product quality, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions improve the production efficiency and efficacy, suitable for intermittent operation, with many alloys and scrap melting.

I. high efficiency and energy saving:

Using renewable biomass pellet fuel as energy source, the operation cost is lower than that of fuel (gas) and the operation cost is lower than 30-60%;

Two, high thermal efficiency:

Semi gasification combined combustion combined with tangential swirl air distribution design, low temperature staged combustion, the burnout rate of more than 98%;

Three, stable and reliable:

Slight positive pressure operation without tempering and fire;

Four, low carbon environmental protection:

The emission of soot, sulfur and nitrogen is low and carbon dioxide emissions are in line with the requirements of GB13271 soot emissions;

Five, simple operation:

Adopt air cooling type protection, refit simple, automatic feeding, simple operation;

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