What are the advantages and problems that need to be paid attention to?
Sep 05, 2017

What are the advantages and problems that need to be paid attention to?


The surface treatment process of aluminum is the traditional oxidation, coloring and sealing treatment, the aluminum film on long-term outdoor use, especially in acid rain or in the marine environment, easy corrosion, poor durability, so since the beginning of 70s, people tried to use the method of coating to improve the properties of aluminum profiles and decorative the term for the use of construction at present, has been successful industrialization using the electrophoretic coating, powder coating and fluorocarbon coating. The electrophoretic paint is a water-based coating, aluminum by pretreatment washing directly after electrophoresis, electrophoresis coating has high transparency, high decorative metallic luster and prominent aluminum itself, so in the construction on aluminum have been increasingly used in electrophoresis painting equipment.

Electrophoresis coating process is suitable for a large number of assembly line production process. Shenzhen aluminum in the update cycle electrocoats should be within 3 months. Taking an electrophoresis production line with an annual output of 300 thousand steel rings as an example, it is very important for scientific management of the bath fluid. The various parameters of the bath fluid are periodically tested, and the bath fluid is adjusted and replaced according to the test results. According to the following parameters: frequency measurement of bath liquid, electrophoresis ultrafiltrate and ultrafiltration of cleaning liquid, Yin (Yang), polar liquid circulation cleaning liquid lotion, deionized pH, solids content and conductivity once a day; Yanji ratio and laboratory organic solvent content, small cell test 2 times a week. The aluminum processing factory on the film quality management, should always check the homogeneity of the film and the film thickness, the phenomenon of appearance should not have pinholes, sagging, wrinkles, cellulite, physical and chemical indicators regularly check the coating's adhesion, corrosion resistance etc.. Inspection cycle according to the manufacturer's inspection standards, generally each batch should be tested. Sound insulation technology of aluminum windows energy-saving doors and windows has the advantages of light weight, high strength, wear resistant, easily formed by extrusion of aluminum parts with complex shapes. Aluminum can be plated or other surface coating, make aluminum products more durable and reduce maintenance costs.

The utilization rate of electrophoretic coating is high. Because the viscosity is low, the workpiece is taken out less, and the electrophoretic workpiece can be washed. The utilization of the coating device makes the coating utilization rate of the electrophoretic coating be more than 95%. Safety and environmental protection. Because of the water dilution, low solid content and low solvent content of electrophoretic coating, it is an environment-friendly coating, and it can protect the workers from the danger of fire. The coating quality is good. Acrylic resin with amino resin curing, ensure high decorative coating and high corrosion resistance, at the same time as the highly transparent resin, effectively highlights the metallic aluminum, according to need can also get the sub light, sand, pearl and other decorative effect. Compared with the ordinary electrolytic coloring sealing process, the utility model has the advantages of time saving and labor saving, and the electrophoresis coating does not need to be sealed, and the aluminum section avoids the cracks caused by poor sealing. The thickness of the coating can be controlled freely, and 7 mu m and 12 mu m two gears are usually controlled at home and abroad.

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