Vietnam and Iran economic and trade building materials production, petrochemical, bauxite field
Nov 02, 2017

Vietnam and Iran economic and trade building materials production, petrochemical, bauxite field

The Ministry of agriculture and rural development minister Ruan Chunqiang meets with President of the parliament of Iran in October 24th the national security and foreign policy committee Aladdin Brugerdi (Alaeddin Boroujerdi), the two sides will promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation and exchange of views.

Ruan Chunqiang said in his meeting that the results of the ninth meeting of the Joint Commission on economic and trade cooperation between Vietnam and Iran indicated that Iraq and Iran have great potential for cooperation in various fields.

In the field of agriculture, in August this year, Viet Nam's Ministry of agriculture and rural development organized a delegation composed of representatives of 30 enterprises to attend the investment and Trade Promotion Conference held in the Middle East countries, including Iran. In addition, Ruan Chunqiang also instructed the Veterinary Bureau and the plant protection bureau to study and cancel technical barriers in the field of veterinary and plant protection, and facilitate the import and export activities of Vietnam and iran.

Ruan Chunqiang said that Iran can export Vietnamese fish meal, bone meal and other Vietnamese demand for larger products. At the same time, Vietnam can export to Iran rice, bananas, lemons and other products. Many Vietnamese enterprises want to seek business opportunities in iraq.

Ruan Chunqiang suggested that Iran and Iran should promote cooperation in 3 fields of building material production, petrochemical and bauxite, and hope that bilateral trade between Iran and Iran will reach 2 billion US dollars soon.

Aladdin Brugerdi put forward 7 proposals at the meeting, including the strengthening of bank cooperation, undertaking professional exhibition, cancel the technical barriers, veterinary and plant protection field to promote the oil cooperation, consider the import of Iran production of drugs, study of preferential trade agreements etc, looking forward to resolve their difficulties and promote the cooperation between the two sides.

With regard to Aladdin Brugerdi's proposal, Ruan Chunqiang has instructed the Department of international cooperation for agriculture and rural development to conduct a comprehensive summary. Ruan Chunqiang will hold a forum with representatives of relevant departments, industries and Embassy of Vietnam in Iran next week, and exchange views on promoting economic and trade cooperation with iran.

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