Trump: raw material imports threaten national security
Dec 29, 2017

Trump: raw material imports threaten national security

A senior trump administration official said trade security would be a new strategy to protect U.S. economic interests in order to protect U.S. national security, MiningWeekly reported, citing Reuters.

The recent us national security strategy did not specify whether the "232 clause" of the Commerce Department's investigation into whether the rise in imports of steel and aluminium posed a national security threat.

If the results were to be found, the cold war trade law would impose additional tariffs or restrict import quotas for those products.

The official said the national security report was clear that trump believed that economic strength was part of the overall national security and that the two were closely linked.

The background to the 232 investigations against steel and aluminium is national security, and the national security report highlights the importance of industrial strength as part of the 232 investigation.

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