The United States built the first large-scale high-end aluminum rolling mill in 40 years for the automobile and aviation aluminum strip
Aug 22, 2017

The United States built the first large-scale high-end aluminum rolling mill in 40 years for the automobile and aviation aluminum strip

According to foreign media reports Aluminium, American Brady (Braidy Industries, Inc. Industrial Company) recently announced that it will invest $1 billion 300 million in Kentucky Gelinnupuxian (Greenup County Kentucky) to build a new Aluminum Alloy strip factory, specializing in the production of automotive and aerospace ABS Aluminum Alloy strip. Factory construction in two phases, the first phase production capacity of 370 thousand tons / year, the production of 5000 lines, 6000 series and 7000 series alloy plate, strip, recruitment of 550 senior workers. The plant covers an area of 1500 square kilometers and was built in the first quarter of 2018. It will be completed by 2020, when the number of staff will increase to about 1000.

The two phase of the construction investment has not been determined, but the product positioning has been determined, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and metallurgist Breda Industrial Company expert group member Christopher Shug (Christopher Schuh) said: "the two phase of the project will be the production of deep processing products, ultra high strength and lightweight Aluminum Alloy materials company will use the production of automobile, aircraft and spacecraft internal spare parts and military products, will use nano crystal technology developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (nano-crystaline) the performance of high strength lightweight alloy further promote quickly."

The Aluminum Alloy rolling mill of Breda Industrial Company in Ashland built has four characteristics: one is to start from scratch; the two is large, the production capacity of 3 million 700 thousand tons / year, the United States aluminum production enterprises, production capacity of more than 2 million tons / year who is three is used in Dachang; cutting-edge technology developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, only 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series alloys, only provide the production of the automobile industry, aerospace, military products with ultra high strength lightweight Aluminum Alloy materials and parts; four is the product manufacturing cost is low and the quality of similar enterprises in North America high.

Breda Industrial Company in the eastern state of Kentucky Why build this factory? Because here the good investment environment, a large number of materials and mining workers trained with regularity, in the American automobile and aviation industry center, at the same time, Kentucky aerospace products abroad every year more than $10 billion, is the second largest state in the United states.

In this plant, can also enjoy a series of preferential terms, the factory put into operation in 2020, the United States has become one of the production cost low factory, and now is the best period of North America 50 years to invest in the construction of transportation equipment and high-end aluminum enterprises; the abundant water resources, extensive transportation network, no environmental problems (Legacy), plant maintenance costs are low power, good infrastructure, is very beneficial to the use of advanced technology equipment and technological process, and the number of hours per ton product is less and less, obviously product cost advantage. Kentucky electric power department and industry also is providing preferential Brady power friendly cooperation talks.

The average wages of workers in factories built around $70 thousand a year, the company also can provide low-cost health care center, catering, nurseries and other rich public and entertainment facilities, to create a warm and harmonious working and living environment for workers. Factory manager Bhalla de said: "we should not only put the factory as the world's best products, the most competitive of the factory, but also to provide good working conditions and a comfortable environment for the staff, the staff are willing to work here, for the factory to produce excellent products dedicated. The government of the Kentucky will also provide proper care in accordance with the relevant provisions in respect of taxation.

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