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The recovery rate of aluminum cans is the highest in the world
Dec 12, 2017


Recently, at the European conference on packaging sustainability in Barcelona, Spain, certified aluminum cans were the world's most recycled beverage packaging.

In the UK, seven out of 10 aluminium cans can be recycled.

Globally, 75% of all aluminum products can be recycled.

Metal materials, especially aluminum, have long been a leader in the recycling industry.

Because these materials can be recycled and reused without their structural integrity and material quality.

In 2015, the average recovery rate of aluminum packaging and steel packaging in Europe reached 78%, and in some countries it reached 85%.

With the emphasis on packaging, consumers are increasingly aware of recycling waste and want to learn more about waste recycling.

An aluminum cans manufacturers chairman Martin constable said: "now, aluminum cans has become the world's most recognized recovery product packaging, it is a good thing for environmentally conscious consumers.

The use of aluminum cans can achieve sustainable goals and meet consumer demand for 'green packaging'.

While these figures are very encouraging, there is still a lot to be done to achieve an 80 per cent target for European metal packaging in 2020.

At present, we need to further improve the consciousness of people's metal packaging recycling.

Therefore, there should be more activities like "every pot is important".

However, further enhance the recovery rate of metal packaging not only need to raise awareness of the recycling of consumer, also need to establish related laws to help realize recycling, thus further to build the circular economy.

In a circular economy, products can be recycled and reused.

Recycling utilization is an important index of circular economy.

In addition, the life assessment system for packaging products should be established.

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