The new method of EU antidumping investigation lacks the basis of WTO rules -- Ministry of Commerce of China
Nov 17, 2017

The new method of EU antidumping investigation lacks the basis of WTO rules -- Ministry of Commerce of China

Reuters Beijing November 16th - the European Parliament on Thursday by the EU anti-dumping investigation method of amendment, introducing the concept of "standard of market and serious distortions, and consider the impact of environmental and social dumping, the spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce said China, WTO, the lack of rules based on the new method of the EU anti-dumping investigation, increase the law applicable to the the uncertainty of WTO anti-dumping legal system caused serious damage.

The publication of the website of the Ministry of Commerce spokesman responded that the rules of the World Trade Organization has no concept of "market distortion", there is no provision of social and environmental dumping has been questioned, new methods of the EU anti-dumping investigation a number of WTO, including members of the Chinese.

China urges the EU to strictly abide by the rules of the WTO, in good faith, fully fulfill its international treaty obligations. China retains the relevant rights under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism, and will take the necessary means to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises." The spokesman said.

The spokesman pointed out that the European Union, as an important member of the WTO, should respect international rules. Only by maintaining the authority of the multilateral trading system can we benefit from the common interests of all countries.

The Chinese spokesman said, pay close attention to the EU anti-dumping investigation method of amending the law process, repeatedly expressed concern to the EU, the EU requirements strictly fulfill the EU in Chinese joined WTO fifteenth obligations under the protocol.

China has noted that the European Parliament has amended the anti-dumping law amendment, cancelled the list of non market economy countries, but introduced the concept and standard of "serious distortion of the market". In line with the so-called "serious distortions in the market", the EU can abandon the price of the exporting countries, and choose to use third country or international prices to determine whether the export products exist dumping. The European Union did not fully comply with the relevant international rules.

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