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The government hopes the Jiuquan Steel Al Pat alumina plant will boost economic growth
Sep 04, 2017

The government hopes the Jiuquan Steel Al Pat alumina plant will boost economic growth

Jamaica "the observer" reported on August 31st, the tooth economy since the beginning of 2017 the slow growth, the government hopes to resume production after the acquisition of Jiuquan has Al Pat alumina plant to drive economic growth.

Dean of Dental Planning Institute Henry said on August 30th, because of the weather, the two quarter economic growth is expected to only 0.3% teeth, second consecutive quarterly slowdown, agriculture has been unable to continue to support the teeth of economic growth, but if the Jiuquan Al Pat alumina plant to resume production smoothly, is expected to be driven by growth in the 2017/18 fiscal year 20% tooth mining industry, and promote economic teeth growth of 2-3%.

Henry said, the two quarter due to high rainfall, preliminary estimates caused about 4 billion teeth yuan in economic losses accounted for about 0.2% of GDP, 77.6% of the losses were concentrated in the field of public infrastructure, especially roads and bridges, the production sector losses accounted for 20.1%.

Dental Planning Institute pointed out that the potential risk of the main risks facing the growth of teeth including droughts and hurricanes, global economic slowdown, the impact of Harvey and other inclement weather conditions on the price of crude oil, while Al Pat alumina plant will be the fastest in the last quarter of this fiscal year to spend $1 billion to increase a production capacity of 2 million tons of production lines, to become boost economic booster teeth.

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