The first capacity cooperation project has been put into operation for more than one month, and the annual output of alumina is 2000 tons
Nov 25, 2017

The first capacity cooperation project has been put into operation for more than one month, and the annual output of alumina is 2000 tons


"China speed" won applause in Jamaica. Located in Jamaica Saint Elizabeth parish Jiuquan Al Pat alumina plant, to return to work after only a month to reach 2000 tons of alumina production. This marks the Chinese enterprises "going out" made substantial progress in the caribbean.

Chinese ambassador to Jamaica Niu Qing newspaper said, the first international cooperation project with Jamaica China capacity fall flowering, inject tonic for economic growth in Jamaica and promote the bilateral pragmatic cooperation, also established diplomatic relations 45th Anniversary for teeth presented a gift.

Alumina factory resumed work after 8 years of silence

Michael Henry, Minister of transportation and mining in Jamaica, said in October that the teeth were of excellent quality, and that the wine, steel, and aluminium oxide were the best examples of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation in the teeth".

Liu Wanxiang, chairman of GDP alumina plant in Jamaica, said that the total reserves of Jamaica bauxite is about 25 tons, ranking fifth in the world, and the alumina grade is high, with an average of over 50%. However, the country as a "middle income heavy debt country" accounts for 125% of the total debt. Built in 1969, Al Pat factory, with an annual capacity of 1 million 650 thousand tons of alumina, was forced to shut down in 2009 due to lack of funds, and failed to restart successfully after two attempts. In July 2016, Jiuquan iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd. of Gansu, Jiayuguan Province, Dongxing Aluminum Inc purchased 299 million U. S. dollars to establish Jiuquan Steel aluminum oxide plant. In June 2017, the plant returned to production; in October, the plant started producing alumina products, reaching 2000 tons per day in the middle of November.

Jiuquan Steel in the "save" Al Pat at the same time, but also filled their own short board. Liu Wanxiang said frankly, Jiuquan Steel has 1 million 750 thousand tons / year of electrolytic aluminum production capacity, but its own aluminum industry chain is not perfect. The raw material alumina of the electrolytic aluminum industry is supplied by alumina enterprises both at home and abroad. In recent years, alumina prices continue to rise, leading to further increase in production costs, bauxite and alumina raw material supply has a big gap.

In this context, the capacity cooperation between Chinese and Western teeth will not only help enterprises break through the bottleneck of their own development, but also be conducive to long-term stable development. Reporters learned that Al Al oxide plant has a total of three production lines, currently only restore one, the other two are under repair, is expected in the first quarter of 2018 can achieve full load production.

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