The difference between casting and forging
Aug 07, 2017

(1) casting: it is to change the metal liquid without shape into a solid with shape.

Forging: a solid that shapes a solid into another form. Casting is like playing wax. You buy Wax (scrap iron or pig iron), then wax it into a liquid, and put it into a mold, so you get something in different shapes. (solid liquid solid) is the process of forging, the cake, you put the dough into small, mold, made products with different shapes. Almost solids, at high temperatures, change in shape to other shapes (solids to solids). Casting is the process of casting molten metal into a mold to obtain a casting. The casting specialty focuses on the metal smelting process and the process control during the casting process. Forging is the plastic forming under the solid state. It has the advantages of hot working and cold processing, such as extrusion, drawing, pier roughing, punching and so on.

(2) forging is slow forming, casting is a molding casting: molten liquid metal filled cavity cooling. The middle part of the product is easy to generate air holes. Forging: forming mainly by extruding at high temperature. The grain in the workpiece can be refined.

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